I was watching Julie G's newest youtube video. She did a review on the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium flat iron a.k.a. a 1/2 inch mini hair straightener. It's about half the size of a normal straightener. It's good for traveling or on the go touch ups, fits perfectly in bags or suit cases. From watching her video I learned that it heats up quick and does a pretty good job at straightening your hair. It doesn't have adjustable heating levels so if you have really fine hair then you wouldn't want to let this get too hot. It's normally $50 but if you go to www.beautychoice.com it's only $28!

Thanks Julie G for the info :)


LA.BELLA.[K]SiM said...

Yea I saw this the other day, In tj maxx.They have different colors and patterns too..like brown leopard print, polka dot, hot pink, shiny black..gold plated, silver plated..I started to buy one becuz its sooo cute lol, but i doubt i would even use it.! ;]

Anonymous said...

hey where can you buy this other thn online. ?