Finally someone did a documentary about the obsession with women of color and relaxers, wigs, and weave's. The best thing about this documentary is that it will be coming from the real point of view from women in the positions, with experience with their hair and the length's they go through to keeping there hair looking "good", and it will come from a comedian's perspective (Chris Rock). This is definitely one documentary I will be looking forward to watching. With countless Celeb's talking about their wig's and the 9 billion dollar business. What I can only hope is that the ladies realize how bad these chemicals are for not only your hair but your skin and the be proud of what you have. This is one subject that needs to be talked about!

Also check out Tyra Banks show on the same topic referencing Chris Rock's documentary. What the little girls say about their hair is very heart breaking specially because I have a niece who has beautiful hair but fear that one day she might feel the same way :[


J Baby said...

i watched the whole episode of tyra cause i got hooked lol. that white women really put the whole black and white interracial dating world to shame. i'm white and my boyfriend is black and i've always said if we have babies together i WILL do their hair. i don't ever want them to get a perm i'd rather them just love their natural hair and learn how to manage it, like i will have to.

thanks for the post whit!

Anonymous said...

i watched the tyra episode and i was so pissed.i mean the children were one thing but we can only blame ther moms for them thinking like that.Can you believe that woman who said she didnt date black men in fear of having a fully black baby and went and had a latina baby?She rejected her race just for vanity of course it much deeper than that but no excuse.And then she told her daughter that she had good hair.that little girl will get into trouble with some black hair running around sayin your hair nappy mines is good.

Stephyy said...

I work at a salon and its sad to see little girls getting their perms or relaxers and all because they are soo young! but the little girls know what they are going to do, its like the parent prep them and tell them what is going to be happening forever with their hair or something, the movie with Chris Rock looks pretty interesting can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Yayyy. You guys finally posted this:)

I'm an Carribean/Nigerian/Somalian.

I have a boyfriend who's Asian ( Chinese )

I think a lot of women who get perms weaves, and etc are just trying to live up to European standards. Escpecially with all these Black men dating white women these days.