Kim Kardashian..Untouched!

Ladies... Bossip definitely put Kim Kardashian on blast recently. Anyone that reads Bossip knows that they be hating on Kim all the time, any chance they get. We all know Kim is almost flawless, and when she came out recently with her front cover of US saying she has cellulite, I was relieved. Relieved because it reminded me that NO ONE is perfect. Here are some leaked photos from a recent photoshoot..

What do you think

(Click to enlarge photos)


Ambs said...

DAAAAAAAAAMMMN! I know that everyone isn't perfect, but I'm a size 16 and my thighs don't look like that. It just goes to show everyone who always say they want a body like (insert celebrity here) to be careful what you wish for.

Whitney said...

i think she's beautiful! cellulite and all. there's nothing wrong with it!

S.W. said...

Who dressed her? They should be fired. You dont put a high waisted bathing suit on her body type. ANYWAY I Love Kim, Cellulite and all. People are going to hate. I have cellulite too and Im Smexy! Just like Kimmy!

Yes i put an m on sexy...purposely.

Miss Pauline I Love the way you handled this post. Its easy to throw shade someones way but you didnt do it.

Kay said...

Everyone has cellulite idc what anyone says lmao i know i do & i`m small as hell & shit... but idc she`s still FAB

OhSheeshGA said...

Ok, Kim. No, she definitely does a lot to make herself look like something she's not and these pics are proof. Yeah everyone has some cellulite, but damn. How is it that she's a gym rat and does all this cosmetic stuff to herself and her body is looking like that? Definitely overrated. (end rant)