Glitz: Betsey Johnson S. 2010

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There's no party like a BJ party because....
Betsey Johnson?...Nuff' said! Betsey Johnson has always been my favorite designer, you never see anything like this anywhere else and that leaves us coming back to the place where the glorious party girl dress originated from. While the ladies are looking lovely dressed from head to toe in ensembles that will be sure to bring life to any party, the boys are also catching some eye's while rocking bright tanks with some sexy, fun prints. Each dress is unique in it's own way, so there's no way you will ever be able to choose the "Must Have Piece" seeing how that would be the whole collection. So here you have it, the moment I've been waiting for all fashion week! love

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outsideTHEbox. said...

i love it all; awesum posting :D