Jay Leno x Run This Town Performance


Gochi said...

Kinda feeling sorry for Ye, That's why we have to think before we act. No one’s invincible.

There are always repercussions for our actions.
P.s love this song

First time here, love it

Schizophrenic Brooklynite said...

I Wont focus on his apology. He apologized three times. I agree, he was wrong, he feels it, and I believe it was sincere, but its time to stop apologizing so dang much.

However I Will say this aboutt hat Bumbaclot performance. Lip Synching rap lyrics?? Where they do that at? Pre-recorded Vocals? Where they do that at?
GREAT Performance i would have liked to see them do it live, like actually live. I realized it when Ri Ri stopped saying "ayee ayeee" and said We gon run this town, but the background was still saying ayee ayee...
Where they do that at? Lol. I Love Rihanna she's like America's Bajan princess

J Baby said...

awwww kanye i still heart you! it was wrong and he knows that. we all make dumb mistakes more than once, he's no different!