Jay Z + Alicia Keys: New York

Is it just me or are those images of New York the best ever? If you havent been to New York that's one way of feeling like your there.
I love this performance. If you heard the original recorded track then you know Alicia Keys sing's her heart out on this one. I was biting my nails to see if she could duplicate & she delivered an amazing performance. Jay-z made the perfect entrance showing up fashionably late, but yet still on time! And of course what made this performance most talked about...Lil Mama's stage crashing.


an jaeden said...

haha yah i duno wtf she was thinkin...i guess anyone can freakn get on stage...ridiculous!

J Baby said...

lil mama now needs to go into hiding far far away for looking DUMB as hell! what was she thinking?! the end was priceless when jay puts his arm around alicia and lil mama's left hangin lol