Taking a trip..

Recently I was shopping at Barnes & Noble where I pick up my monthly magazines and some how ended up in the book section.. I mean how could you miss it? So I found alot of books that I was interested in reading, but there was no way I planned on buying them all although I thought of it! So my boyfriend mentioned how we should go to the library which I have to say never crossed my mind. We went soon after and did you know that they have a hugeeeeee section of featured films (DVD's + Cassette), CD's, and of course Books. The best part is that it's FREE! So this is a no brainer, instead of renting DVD's from redbox, netflix, or blockbuster (I think there's still 1 standing I boston) save some moula and get to your local library. Believe me you will leave with more than a handful of goods.. But don't get carried away, there's only so many movies and CD's you could enjoy in a week.

Boston Area Suggesstions:
Arlington's Robbins Library

  • Huge Movie & CD collection
  • Large range of books
  • Computer Access
  • Free Passes to Museums & Aquarium

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